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Embrace Your Inner Beach! 

That's the mantra at Middle Sister Jewelry. They love the beach. It soothes the body and soul and brings a sense of serenity to life. It's nature at its best. And it's that nature that inspires us every day to create gorgeous jewelry using elements from that natural environment. 

Their coastal jewelry designs are handcrafted, one-of-a-kind unique pieces. They hand collect beach shells, beach stones and beach glass and create beautiful jewelry for you to feel special wearing. Since each beach shell, stone and piece of glass is unique - no two are alike - you will be wearing an original piece of art.  

They offer a collection of rare beach glass, which is glass that is hard to find or colors that are not plentiful. It certainly is easy to buy beach glass, but they take pride in finding theirs on beaches they visit.

They would be happy to work with you on a custom design. If you have a shell, beach stone or beach glass and would like a custom necklace designed, contact them at and let them know what you would like. 

They guarantee all of their work.

Arlette Braman - the Middle Sister

p.s. There are two other sisters. The younger sister helps find shells and the older sister finds shells, offers design suggestions and names many of our designs.